Ad Specifications & Tracking for PUSH Notification Creatives

  Product Documentation

Here are the ad specifications for the PUSH Notification Campaigns



Creative Name text
Landing Page URL preferably https
Icon File URL public URL of the icon file where the file is stored
Icon Image Resolution 192px X 192px
Title upto 25 characters
Description (Optional) upto 90 characters
Main Banner 492px X 328px OR 360px X 240px


Landing Page URL Macros

You may use the below tokens in your landing page url



{adsize}  Ad Size
{app_id}  Placement ID (App ID/Site ID)
{bidid}  ID of the Bid/Impression
{bundle}  Bundle ID
{carrier}  Carrier
{cbust}  Random String
{creative}  Creative ID
{exchange}  Exchange
{geocity}  City
{geocountry}  Country
{ifa}  Apple/Google ad id
{ip}  IP Address
{lat}  Latitude
{lon}  Longitude
{os}  Operating System
{publisher}  Domain/Site
{ua}  User Agent


In case you have any further questions, please write to us on or contact your account manager.