Ad Specifications & Tracking for Banner, Native and Video Creatives

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We support all Open RTB ad formats on our platform to give you flexible and diverse options to create an engaging experience for your audiences.

We accept almost any ad format that is accepted by our exchange partners. Precise specifications vary from exchange to exchange. To ensure your ads are accepted on all inventory sources, please follow the IAB US Display Guidelines and Mobile Guidelines. The following specifications are particularly important for the widest acceptance of ads.

Display (Banner) Ads Specifications


Most Popular / Recommended Sizes

Desktop 728×90*, 300×250*, 160×600*, 120×600, 300×600
Mobile (web) 300×250*, 320×50*, 300×50
Mobile (in-app) 320×50*, 300×250*, 320×480*, 480×320
Tablets 728×90*, 1024×768*, 768×1024


File Formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, HTML5, JS, iFrame

File Size: less than 500Kb

Video Ads Specifications



Duration up to 15,30,45,60,75,90,120 secs
Resolution 320×480 or 480×320 (any other resolution maintaining the same aspect ratio)
Upload Format FLV, M4V, WEBM, MP4 (up to 10 MB)
Tracking Pixels Supported Video Start, 1st quartile, Mid-point, 3rd quartile, Complete, Impressions and Clicks
Rewarded Video Min 30 secs duration
Video End Card/Companion Banner JPG, PNG, JPEG (up to 700kb)
Rich Media MRAID 1.0, MRAID 2.0, HTML-JS
Playable ads supported (the ads where you can experience the game within the ad window, before downloading)
** Detailed reporting is available on Start, 1st quartile, Mid-point,3rd quartile, Complete, Impression and Clicks for campaign optimization


Native Ads Specifications



Icon (Image) 300×300
Main (Image) 600×600, 1200×627
Title (Text) max 25 characters
Description (Text) max 90 characters
Call to Action max 15 characters on button
Star Rating 0-5



To create outstanding visibility and compelling engagement with your ads, it is highly recommended that the brand name/logo being advertised should be clearly visible with a call to action button and the creative boundaries should be clearly demarcated from the base site/app content.

In order to insert tracking macros in your click-through URL for tracking, please refer to a list of macros that are supported by our platform

Tracking Macros (

Tracking Macros (


For any further support needs, please write to us at