Tracking Macros (

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Macros are a string of text that can be included in any code that’s processed by our ad server (third-party HTML tags, VAST tags, click-through URLs, impression pixels, etc.) and are dynamically replaced with their corresponding values.

Supported macro for tracking URLs: {CONVERSION_ID}

Unlike the name, this does not necessarily have to only be implemented on campaigns that are tracking conversions/installs. When this macro is implemented, it will be replaced by a unique ID that is generated each time a Bid takes place for an impression.

Implementing this Macro to Track Impressions

HTML: Implement this in the tag script

Video: Implement this in the Client VAST wrapper

Banner: Implement this in the image pixel URL

Implementing this Macro to Track Clicks

The click URL should have the Client Placeholder = {CONVERSION_ID}


Value or Parameter Passed


{CAMPAIGN} campaign name Amazon-US-App_CPM
{CREATIVE} creative name Amazon_320x50
{APP_NAME} app name or site URL Amazon Shopping (for mobile app) or (for mobile site)
{EXCHANGE_NAME} exchange name Mopub
{MANUFACTURER_NAME} Device Manufacturer’s Name Samsung
{MODEL_NAME} Device Model Name S10
{DEVICE_PLATFORM_ID} unique OS-specific Advertising ID of the Device For iOS it will be IOS_IDFA and for Android it will be GAID.
This macro might fetch you the advertising ID in RAW, SHA1 or MD5 format depending on what is received in the bid request
e.g., raw_id:93ab398f-bcaf-4be9-9e88-55ffcef01728
{CARRIER_NAME} Carrier Name of the network AT&T
{DEVICE_OS_NAME} name of the Operating System of the device Android
{COUNTRY_NAME} Country Name United States
{COUNTRY_CODE} Country Code US
{USER_IP} IP Address
{GPS_LAT} Latitude coordinates of the device 1712.23122
{GPS_LON} Longitude coordinates of the device 1712.23122
{APP_ID} Exchange specific unique ID corresponding to the mobile app 6aac28e3c7a86a02f5d9106c0b3080a0
{PUBLISHER_ID} Exchange Specific alphanumeric ID for publishers. 123456789
{APP_DOMAIN} domain of the site/app. or
{APP_BUNDLE} Application bundle or package name.


In case of any questions regarding the implementation of the macros, please write to or contact your account manager.